When someone else's actions or inaction are to blame for your injuries then you have a legal right to sue and seek for compensation. You can hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you on the case and help you seek for the rightful amount to be compensated with. There are various types or situations that give rise to personal injury cases. Below are some of the most common types of personal injury cases.


Motor vehicle accident injury: When a road accident occurs there is usually someone to blame for it. It could be a car driver running over pedestrians or a bus driver causing an accident and injuring the passengers. He or she could be directly or indirectly involved in the accident. Those injured or affected by the accident can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for the damages caused. Through the help and guidance of a personal injury attorney the accident victims are entitled to be compensated an amount equivalent to damages and injuries they have. It will be up to the victims and their attorneys to prove the liability of the defendant in causing the accident.


Injury from slip and fall: As owner of a building, premises or facility you are required by law to make sure the premises is free from any danger and hazard. The people using your property are to be safe at all times and have the legal right to seek compensation from you should they be exposed to any danger or harm within your premises. View http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Lawyer.aspx for facts about lawyers.


Injury from defective products: As a product manufacturer you are required by law to make sure the products you sell to consumers are free from any defect or anything that may cause harm to them. A consumer can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for injuries resulting from the use of a defective product. That's why you may hear vehicle manufacturers recalling a certain batch of vehicles already in consumer hands when they detect a certain defect in them.


Medical malpractice injury: This is injury caused by the incompetence of a medical practitioner. As a doctor or nurse you are supposed to observe a certain code of ethics and demonstrate professionalism in the manner in which you do your work. Should a complication occur to patient you were attending to due to your ignorance and lack of professionalism he or she can sue and seek compensation from you as an individual or the hospital.[source]


Injury from a dog bite: The dog owner is liable to pay compensation to the victim of his or her dog bite.



When faced with any of the personal injury cases it is advisable to hire a Siegfried and Jensen personal injury lawyer who will tell you if you have a case and advice on the compensation you should seek. His or her expertise on the legal aspects of the case will be crucial in making sure you are compensated for your injuries.